Website hosting for specified for your audiance and your company or means.

For 100

A personal website for friends and family with little to no traffic.

3.99 per month

For 500

A public portfolio, small blog or an enthausiast's project.

9.99 per month

For 1000

Active blog or site for growing single person company.

19.99 per month

As a business

Fast, optimized and well-maintained for heavy traffic and sales.

49.99 per month

As an enterprise

Exceedingly optimized multi-service for extreme traffic.

99.99 per month

Pricing Table

Our full table of prices with everything that we offer.
Advisory€ 24.99/hour
Website Development€ 29.99/hour
Application Development€ 34.99/hour
Process Automation€ +34.99/hour
MailBoxPaid per gb per month€ 0.60/gb/month
XS containerTrivial workloads€ 3.99/month
S containerLight workloads€ 9.99/month
M containerHeavy workloads€ 19.99/month
L containerExtreme workloads€ 49.99/month
Prices include tax.


To keep in mind when browsing our list
  • All of these prices displayed on this page are starting prices and may differ depending on your specific needs request.
  • Development requests exclude the potential hosting price induced when the product put into production.
  • More fees might be included. (e.g domain name, license agreements, etc.)
  • Our terms of service have priority over our product advertisments including when it comes to law and credibility.


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